Journey to Ireland is an atmospheric, intimate theatrical experience which takes its audience on an exciting journey through the Irish dance and music culture of the last centuries. It begins by bringing them to a 19th-century Irish home where a session is taking place and moves through time to a modern Ireland and the Irish pub.

Ireland’s culture is full of soulful ballads, slow melodies, cheerful songs and dance tunes that captivate audiences.

Journey to Ireland represents every aspect of this magical island steeped in rich tradition, from the sweet-sounding harp and fiddle to the rhythmic beats of the Bodhrán and the rapid rhythms of the dancers feet.

Producer / director / choreographers Paula Goulding & Shane McAvinchey, former ‘Riverdance’ stars, bring their artistic talent and experience in theatre production to deliver a ground-breaking new show that is set to amaze, move and strike an emotional chord with anyone who experiences it.